21 Disney World Vacation Hacks That Will Save You Hundreds (in Dollars and Minutes!) 

Disney Tickets

4. Never Buy From Unauthorized Places

DO NOT purchase park tickets or packages from Ebay, Craigslist, or others that are not Authorized Disney Vacation Planners. There is no way to verify your tickets and the chances are high that you will be ripped off! 

3. Free Airline Tickets

If you earn 110,000 points on Southwest, you can get a Companion Pass to fly a family member free for a year! If you apply for a Southwest Plus and Southwest Premier credit card, they will each earn you 50,000 points. (Don’t apply for both at the same time.) Refer a few friends or start charging your regular household bills on them and—voila!—free tickets for your Disney trip!

2. Apply for Disney Visa

Similarly, applying for a Disney Visa card is an excellent idea for saving money. New cardholders get $200 Reward Dollars that can be applied towards any part of your vacation. Referring friends will earn you $50 each! Plus, cardholders enjoy special park perks such as exclusive character greetings and free keepsake photos. 

1. Military Discounts

Active and retired military personnel are authorized to purchase tickets at a substantial discount on any military base. 4-Day Disney World passes are reported at $209, and 5-Day Disney World passes are reported at $224. That’s a significant savings! Thanks for your service! 

So, what’s your favorite way to save at Disney World?

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