20 Things We’ve Learned from Walt Disney World Planning Pros

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13. Book every dining experience you’d like to have—even if you cancel later.

This sounds a bit silly, but it’s a good practice. Once the 180-day window opens for you to book your dining reservations, be sure to book all the experiences you want to have, even if you must go back later and modify or cancel them. You’d rather have them booked and cancel if you decide otherwise, than to wait to make reservations and then not have the ability to do so because that restaurant is already booked. With the exception of a couple of dining experiences that must be paid for at the time of booking, almost all dining reservations cost Guests nothing to make. Be sure to cancel, however, as soon as you decide you no longer want that experience for two reasons—first, because that slot can be available for another Guest to book and second, so you aren’t charged a late cancellation fee of $10 per Guest in your dining party.


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