20 Things I Always Pack in My Luggage For Disney World


16. Sweater/sweatshirt

Just as I always pack a swimsuit I also always bring along a sweater, sweatshirt, or lightweight jacket each time I visit Disney World. As mentioned previously, Florida weather can vary at different times of the day, especially in the evenings during the winter months. But aside from thinking about external weather conditions alone, it’s been my experience that the air-conditioning inside hotel lobbies, hallways, restaurants, and shops can sometimes be cranked up way too high for what I personally deem as comfortable. And let’s not forget about the airport and by extension the airplane, where nine times out of ten, I find myself bundling up in that extra sweater or sweatshirt I brought. So long story short, I always make sure to have an added layer of warmth on standby when the occasion calls for it.


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