20 Things I Always Pack in My Luggage For Disney World

Portable charger

18. Ports and chargers

Now that I’ve just emphasized the convenience of my smartphone I must also stress the importance of remembering to bring along the correct chargers and connecting ports. This goes for any other devices you are planning on packing as well. You don’t want to leave such vital resources at home only to realize later in the airport (or even afterwards) that you are running low on juice. Sure you can purchase another one, but it’s still a hassle. That’s why I always make sure to pack an extra charger and outlet connector into my luggage. In fact, since days spent at Disney Parks can end up being pretty long, I’ve found that it’s also beneficial to bring along a portable charger as well. And just a reminder to international travelers, always remember that watts and voltage may differ, so be sure to bring converting ports with you in order to safely charge your devices in your hotel’s outlet.


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