19 Disney World Non-Negotiables

Castle Night Fireworks

1. The Castle

Cinderella Castle, the magical icon of architecture that has graced postcards, photographs, promotional material for the parks, and the opening of every single Disney feature. Though we’ve mentioned approaching the castle on the list previously, seeing it in person is a whole new ballgame. No one ever forgets their first time seeing it in person. The euphoric feeling of seeing those iconic towers peek over the horizon from the windows of the monorail is positively palpable. From seeing it from afar, to actually walking towards the castle’s arches, the heart of every Disney fan races in heated anticipation. Seeing the castle come to life for the stage shows and Nighttime Spectaculars is a breed of magic all its own. It’s no wonder this magnificent mystifying monument is the epicenter of The Magic Kingdom.

By Zach


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