15 Ways to Make Your Walt Disney World Vacation More Affordable

Disney Tickets

9. Don’t trust “other” ticket sellers.

Sure, purchasing “discount” tickets sound like a good idea when it comes to saving money on your next Disney vacation, but it could end up costing you a lot more in the end. Some ticket sellers are actually offering “used” tickets—tickets that someone bought, which were legitimate, but then they didn’t use all the days on their tickets, so there are left-over days on those tickets, right? Wrong.

In the parks, you not only tap your ticket at the kiosk before entering a park, but you also must use your fingerprint—the same finger every time. So, if you’ve bought “recycled” tickets, you’ll be denied entrance into the parks because the fingerprint doesn’t match the ticket. Sadly, this will likely the be the first time you realize you’ve been scammed. The only remedy is to purchase new, unused tickets. And that’s in addition to the cost you incurred for the used tickets. There are a few third-party ticket sellers who are legitimate, but you should be very careful. Do your research—see what the Better Business Bureau has to say before making your purchase with any third-party seller.


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