15 Ways to Make Your Walt Disney World Vacation More Affordable

Bottles of Dasani water

1. Drink the free water.

All the quick-service restaurants in the parks offer free ice water to Guests. All you have to do is ask. Water is a good idea anyway, since you’ll be doing so much walking, regardless of the park you are visiting. Staying hydrated is key to having a great time, and if you don’t have to pay for the water, then you’ve won doubly!

A vacation to Disney World is so much fun, but it can cost a small fortune if you aren’t prepared. Take time to plan and make reservations, and watch for those promotional rates, or book a hotel or house off property to save big on your dream vacation! Most of all, remember that you don’t have to break the bank to have a great time! You’re going to Disney World!

By Becky


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