15 Tips and Tricks for Conquering Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Castle Night

1. A Kiss Goodnight

Wait, is the magic really over? Not quite. All the stores on Main Street stay open for an hour after park closing, so you can exit at a leisurely pace. More importantly though, if you stay at least 30 minutes past closing, you will see the “Kiss Goodnight” at Cinderella’s Castle. This treat involves a 2-minute show where the castle lights up, music plays, and you will hear a special message that reflects the essence of WDW. It’s short. It’s sweet. It will probably bring a tear to your eye. It’s worth waiting for.

So, there you have it! While no park can be truly conquered in a day, this list should help you hit some of the most beloved MK experiences. Have a magical time!

By Rebekah


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