15 Things You'll Love Experiencing at Disney Springs

The Pearl Factory

7. The Pearl Factory

This store allows you to customize your jewelry in a very unique way. First, you pick an oyster. Then, you pry it open. Each customer is guaranteed a genuine pearl! There’s a wide assortment of jewelry to choose from as well.

Photo Credit: Disney

6. Marketplace Rides

There are two small rides here: a train and a carousel. They are geared towards young children, though parents are encouraged to accompany them. Located in between The Earl of Sandwich and Fun Finds, these whimsical rides are here to keep little ones entertained.

5. LEGO Imagination Center

This LEGO center has it all: an interactive play area, a computer hub for designing structures, and much more! As you enter, you’ll see larger-than-life models, some of which are Disney characters. There are several LEGO products available for purchase. Don’t leave empty-handed!


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