15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Cruising With Disney

14. Magical Mickey touches

In order to reflect the very same essence of enchantment that encompasses Disney Parks, the detailed design and décor incorporated into the Disney Cruise Line fleet has been very carefully conceptualized. First there are those classic stately looks each vessel shares in, which gives off a timeless charm not unlike the elegant ocean liners of yesteryear. But what really makes the ships recognizable for being uniquely Disney is that signature color-scheme modeled after classic Mickey Mouse hues, but also incorporating a white superstructure to add a more appealing family-friendly persona than you would get with a largely black ship. The hull is where you will find the black, but the ships also have yellow trim, two red funnels, and even yellow lifeboats. The previously mentioned fact about the lifeboats was actually a first in cruise liner history, as special permission had to be obtained through the U.S. Coast Guard in order to keep with the Mickey Mouse color scheme-rather than incorporate traditionally orange lifeboats. Among many others, two very versatile features that make Disney Cruises unique are the many pieces of enchanted artwork that suddenly spring to life before your very eyes and the ships’ famed horns, also known as Mickey Whistles. Traditionally the Mickey Whistle will play the opening seven-note theme from When You Wish Upon A Star but will also play other familiar Disney melodies as well.


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