15 Things You Must Know About Disney World Resort

Castle Stormy

13. It Rains a Lot

Florida sees a lot of rain, especially during the summer months. In fact, it typically rains just about every day in the summertime. Luckily, most rainstorms are short lived, so taking a poncho and waiting it out is your best bet.

14. Free Airport Transfers are Available

If you do choose to stay in a Disney hotel, you should be aware that transfers to and from the airport are available. These transfers are free and surprisingly comfortable. Use them!

15.Plan for Closures

Yes, Disney World is a magical place, but that doesn’t mean the attractions here are able to avoid the usual required maintenance. For this reason, if you visit during the slower season—and even if you choose busy season—there very well may be some rides shut down. You can find a list of planned closures online, but not all closures are planned, so go in prepared.

By Chelsea


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