15 Souvenirs You’ll Love Taking Home From Disney World Resort

Pin Trading

1. Trading Pins

Trading pins are by far the #1 favorite Disney souvenir.  The themes and designs are endless, and you will find them in almost every shop in every part of a Disney World Resort park or Resort Hotel.  Every Disney character, movie, ride, attraction is depicted in one way or another is these extraordinary pins.  Collect them, trade them with cast members, or display them in a special keepsake book or frame.  Most of them are inexpensive and make excellent Disney World souvenirs. There are also those hard to find one-of-a-kind retro Disney trading pins you find on Ebay or other collectors’ sites.  We buy a dated trading pin each time we visit Walt Disney World.  It’s so much fun to get out our trading pin album and share the memories of when and where we purchased them.
When you visit Walt Disney World, take time to browse through the fabulous shops.  You will definitely find a favorite souvenir that you must have.  Remember the folks back home, and bring them a Disney World keepsake.  There are so many choices, and what’s great about getting souvenirs from the theme parks is that most of the merchandise can only be purchased at the Parks.  This makes them unique.  Enjoy your Disney World vacation and all the loot you will bring home.

By Cecilia


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