15 Disney World Tips From Someone Who Has Done It All


10. Opt for a Park Hopper Instead

Regardless of your itinerary, paying the few extra dollars for the Park Hopper option is worth it. It enables you to plan your day uniquely, allowing you to have breakfast in Magic Kingdom, lunch in the World Showcase in Epcot and finish off the night with the Rivers of Light in Animal Kingdom. I love the freedom of being able to jump around from park to park in a single day. Sure it’s tiring, but it’s a ton of fun especially if you’re spontaneous, like me.

11. Skip “Lame” Experiences

I hate to call any ride or experience in Walt Disney World “lame” but the truth is that there are areas that are in need of desperate renovation. I’ve spent time hiking on the Swiss Family Treehouse and Tom Sawyer’s Island, and while they’re neat experiences, they’re beyond outdated and chances are, references your children won’t even know (or appreciate). Don’t waste time on these attractions that could be spent on something else.

12. Link Your Credit Card to your MagicBand

Linking your credit card to your MagicBand has a several benefits. One, it makes purchasing so much easier and eliminates the risk of leaving your card on the counter. Secondly, though, it eliminates the need to bring your purse into the park. If you’re like me, you’re lugging your bag with you. This means having to stop and have it looked at upon entry to the park, plus carrying it around with you the entire day which can get very heavy. Furthermore, it can become an aggravation trying to store your purse or backpack on each ride you go on. Trust me, go ahead and eliminate the hassle completely.


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