15 Disney World Tips From Someone Who Has Done It All

Hollywood Tower Of Terror

4. Ride the Big Rides Late in the Day

It can be hard to wait until 8:00pm to take a ride on Splash Mountain or whirl through space on the iconic Space Mountain, but from experience, it’s best to do so if you want to cut back on your wait-time. Now, this is not a secret so chances are you may still have to wait in line to enjoy these rides, but it will be significantly less once more and more people gather around Cinderella’s Castle to watch the fireworks. Personally, I think this applies to every park that ends the night with a popular display.

Hang in there and try to wait until the show starts to ride those favorite rides. You may even be able to ride them twice. There have been countless times I’ve ridden the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in succession while fireworks were taking place.

5. Plan to Visit the Hidden Gems of Disney

So, whenever I go to Walt Disney World, like you, my main goal is to get on my favorite ride, chomp down on a Turkey Leg, or watch a parade. However, by whizzing through the parks in an effort to get to the next attraction, chances are you’re missing a lot of the magical touches Disney has to offer.

For as many times as I’ve been to the Magic Kingdom, it wasn’t until two years ago that I actually realized there was a photo opportunity with the Sword in the Stone right in Fantasyland! There are countless photo ops you can encounter within the parks if only you stop to find them. As much as it may not sound like fun to take a leisurely stroll throughout the parks, it’s necessary to discover how much thought these Imagineers really put into the parks.

6. Watch as Many Shows as You Can

It should go without saying that the shows in Walt Disney World can’t compare with the rest of the outside world. Still though, they can be easily forgotten when compared to the amazing rides around the park. They’re not only entertaining, but a great way to cool off and get some rest from walking around the parks. I recommend all of them, but my absolute favorite is Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Magic Kingdom.


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