13 Disney Experiences for Hardcore Fans

5. Perfectly Marvelous Pins

This little hobby is reserved for the most obsessive of Disney fans. Disney pins are fantastic souvenirs for fans of any level. They’re wearable, displayable, and of course, highly collectible. Since their debut in 1999, Disney Pin Trading has become a massive practice amongst fans. A colleague of mine, who has been collecting since the very beginning, has accumulated at least 600 pins; starting his collection with The Rescuers set from a 1998 presale. There have been thousands of pins created over the years, each featuring a favorite Disney character or park attraction. From Aladdin to Zootopia, there are pins for everyone’s favorite Disney face. Whether you like to wear them, trade them, keep them, or display them, Disney Pins are essential for any Disney fan’s collection. It should be noted that due to the high amount of pins, there are always counterfeits and fakes, so traders beware when making swapping decisions. 


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