13 Tips For Doing Disney World's Blizzard Beach

Waterslide Blizzard Beach

6. Take Advantage of Free Parking

Most Disney parks charge quite a bit for parking. Not so at the water parks! Give your wallet a break and spend the day at Blizzard Beach instead of one of the four main parks. Your bank account will thank you!

7. Arrive Early

Yes, free parking is nice. Unfortunately, everyone else thinks so as well, and this means it often fills up very quickly. To combat this and to take advantage of the lowest crowd levels of the day, arrive at opening. The park only gets more crowded as the day wears on, so even if you can't make opening, get there as early as possible.

8. Use the Ski Lift

Walking up stairs is one of the only bad things about water parks. This is where Blizzard Beach’s Chair Lift steps in. Not only is this addition a perfect fit for the park, it’s also a great way to get to the top of the slides—and a fun ride in and of itself!

9. BYO Stuff

While you can rent towels and purchase sunscreen in the park, trust us when we say you won’t want to. Everything is overpriced, and you’ll save an enormous amount of money by bringing everything you need from home. Not sure you’ll make it out the door with everything? Pack your bag the night before.


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