13 Quirky Careers at Walt Disney World Resort

Park Fare

With Disney World Resort employing over 70,000 Cast Members in dozens of departments across their property, there is obviously a lot of variety to be found in the types of careers available.  Opportunities abound, whether it’s working in one of their resorts, restaurants, shops, or theme parks.  Many of these jobs are fairly typical and closely resemble related positions at any other company.  After all, Disney needs food servers, lifeguards, cashiers, housekeepers, custodians, reservation agents, and accountants just as many organizations do.  On the other hand, Disney World also presents unique vocational opportunities that aren’t typically found in other companies.  Frequent visitors to the Disney Resort may have grown accustomed to seeing these Cast Members and no longer give these positions a second thought.  But take a step back and look at these occupations with fresh eyes, and it becomes apparent how quirky these careers really are.  Here are just a few:


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