13 Most Iconic Disney Experiences We Know You’ll Love

10. Space Mountain

Perhaps the Disney Parks’ most iconic coaster, Space Mountain has been a park staple since the far-out days of the 70s. Next to the gyro-sphere sculpture, the white paneled exterior of Space Mountain is practically the face of Tomorrowland, welcoming guests into Disney’s vision of the future.  Guests are sent rocketing through a field of stars as the coaster dips and dives through the cosmos. This thrilling and exhilarating experience is a fan favorite, and should not be missed by anyone looking to add a bit of excitement to their visit to Tomorrowland. 

11. World Showcase 

Speaking from experience, you could spend an entire day at Epcot’s World Showcase alone! Home to eleven different pavilions representing countries around the globe, the World Showcase shows guests windows into different cultures. Guests can visit a Moroccan marketplace, hear a British rock band play in a royal tea garden, have beer and pretzels at a German Biergarten, and see a museum of Kawaii culture from Japan. All of these enchanting and interesting venues bring together the colors of the world with the magic touch only Disney can bring.

12. Meeting Mickey

Certainly a much-beloved experience by all fans, there are few experiences worth having than getting a hug from the master mouse himself. The Disney Character Meet and Greets are always instant memory making material, but there’s always something special with meeting Mickey. We can rub elbows with the stars of Star Wars and be granted an audience with our favorite princesses, but all pale in comparison next to our beloved mouse. Whether we find him at the Epcot Character Spot, Red Carpet Dreams, Adventurer’s Outpost, or right at home on the Main Street Theatre, meeting Mickey is what makes everything real in the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

13. Cinderella Castle

It’s the home of some of the most magical moments in The Magic Kingdom, as well as perhaps the most photos and selfie’s taken. Cinderella Castle is the epicenter of Walt Disney World’s most popular park. It’s where the morning welcome and stage shows are performed, as well as the backdrop for all the seasonal Nighttime Spectaculars. The castle is the symbol of the Disney Parks, and one of the most recognizable figureheads under the Disney name. Not taking a chance to visit this monument to the magic is a grossly missed experience. 


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