13 Most Iconic Disney Experiences We Know You’ll Love

7. Edible Icons

From LeFou’s Brew to Dolewhip to turkey legs, the Disney Parks have an endless supply of munchies to tide guests over during their visit to the world of the mouse. Every Disney fan can name their favorite treat, each a different taste experience that brings back memories of their respected park. From the many restaurants and counter service establishments to the popcorn and ice-cream stands, each park and location certainly have their own distinct magical flavors.

8. Kilimanjaro Safari

There’s no other way to see the best the Animal Kingdom than to grab a seat on Kilimanjaro Safaris. These massive buses take guests through Disney’s own slice of the African Savannah and show them dozens of its most famous residents. Guests will see African lions, Bengal tigers, giraffes, elephants, and so much more. This writer easily considers it the iconic ride of the park and highly recommends at least one ride through per visit. For those ambitious explorers, be sure to visit at different times of the day. You will always see something new.

9. The Haunted Mansion

Welcome, foolish mortals… To one of the absolute classics of the Disney Parks, The Haunted Mansion. Since opening its doors at the dawning days of the park, the manor has been home to 999 happy haunts who happily horrify their visitors. This attraction never fails to put the dark in dark-ride and is one of the most iconic pieces of Disney history. No trip to The Magic Kingdom is complete without a grand tour of the halls of Gracey Manor. So be sure to board your Doom-Buggie, and make final arrangements now.


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