13 Most Iconic Disney Experiences We Know You’ll Love

Star Wars Launch Bay

4. Opening Ceremonies

The only thing better than simply arriving at a park is attending one of the opening ceremonies. Nothing gets a Disney fan up in the morning quite like an early dose of Disney magic. Each park has their own opening show and each show has their own personality, theme, and flavor. The opening ceremonies, whether they be a drum circle, a pair of goofy Storm Troopers, or a morning meet and greet with Mickey and his friends, are always fantastic displays that set the mood for the magic ahead. 

5. Club Cool

If you’re looking for a way to wet your whistle, Club Cool at Epcot has everything you need to quench your thirst. Home to a massive collection of sodas and soft drinks from around the world, Club Cool has dozens of flavors to give yourself a new taste experience. Guests are given the opportunity to send their taste buds on a journey to the four corners of flavorful sensations. The best part? All of the samples are free!  So if you need a massive cool down on a sunny Florida day and you want a must-do Epcot activity, be sure to make a pit stop at Club Cool.

6. Star-Wars Launch Bay

Take a trip to a Galaxy far, far, away by stepping into the Star-Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Cross paths with another universe as you explore this shrine to the epic space-opera. Here, guests can meet their favorite stars of the series, including characters like Chewbacca, BB-8, and Kylo Ren, as well as see authentic props and costumes from the films like the lightsabers of the Sith lords, models of the ships and spacecraft, and helmets and armor from generations of Storm Troopers. Part character venue, part memorabilia museum, all perfect for an experience out of this world.


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