13 Little Hacks to Make Your Disney World Vacation Even More Magical

10. Have Essentials Delivered

Trying to juggle tons of stuff at the airport is a gigantic pain in the neck. Avoid this scenario by shipping things directly to the resort. For instance, if you know you’ll need a stroller but don’t want to lug it around the airport, order one on Amazon, have it shipped to your resort, and pass it on to another family at the end of your trip. You can also have groceries and other items delivered by Garden Grocers.

11. Go on Scavenger Hunts

Whether you choose to a) look for hidden Mickeys, b) pick up as many pressed pennies as possible, c) try a game like “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom”, or d) join in the Wilderness Explorers fun, hunting for specific things in the parks definitely adds to the experience. Be sure to do some sort of hunt while you're there!

12. Bring a Portable Charger

Having a phone in the parks is nearly essential. It allows you to take photos, check wait times, and schedule FastPasses. Therefore, having your phone die halfway through the day is never good. Bring along a portable charger so you never have to worry about this annoying issue.

13. Interact with Cast Members

Last, but probably most important of all, be sure to interact with Cast Members. The Disney employees wantyou to have fun! They’re friendly and happy to play games with the kids, chat with adults, or answer questions. Additionally, they will sometimes add magic to a person’s day with special FastPasses, treats, or something temple like a sticker.
Pin trading is a great way to start a conversation with one of these individuals, but even just walking up to a Cast Member who is blowing bubbles will do the trick.


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