Vacation Hacks to Make Your Disney World Trip Magical

Castle FastPass

7. Skip the Lines

Nobody likes waiting in long queues. Fortunately, if you play your cards right you’ll probably be able to avoid most long lines.
Be sure to schedule your FastPasses ahead of time and grab times that are as early in the day as possible. Once those FastPasses are used, get a new pass, making sure to snag another new pass each time one is used.

Rider Swap is another great service that should be put to use if you have a young child. Basically, one parent waits in line while the other sits with the little one. Once the first parent has ridden, the second parent will be allowed to skip the line in order to ride.
Finally, if you are unable to obtain the FastPass you really want, try to avoid a long wait by arriving early in the morning. Fewer people are in the park right after opening, meaning short wait times.

8. Get Up Early

Besides giving you access to shorter lines, getting up early and hitting the parks right away is a great way to experience the magic of a nearly empty park. You’ll be able to stroll through the park with ease, and photos free of background people will be a snap to take (see what we did there?).

9. Watch for Discounted Gift Cards

Stocking up on gift cards before your trip is a great way to ensure you have plenty of spending money, something that makes all vacations a bit more enjoyable. Watch for discounted Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club and Costco, or pick some free ones up on sites such Swagbucks and Disney Movie Rewards. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for discounted Starbucks cards on sites like Groupon.


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