13 Coolest Ride Queues on A Hot Day At Magic Kingdom

Peter Pan's Flight

7. Peter Pan’s Flight

If you’re looking for a cool queue that transports you into the movie, look no further than Peter Pan’s Flight! The updated queue features a mostly indoor tour of the Darling home. This is one of the most popular rides in the park and the line is consistently long, so having a cool, indoor place to wait is much needed on a hot day.

8. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This smooth, popular roller coaster in the Magic Kingdom does feature a long queue, but it isn’t an unpleasant one. While some of it is inside, you make your way into a shaded area, then indoors to a cave-like area with fun, interactive elements for kids and adults to enjoy while they wait their turn.

9. It’s a Small World

While the ride itself is located indoors, the queue is open air. However, it is entirely shaded, which is welcome on a hot, sunny day! This classic boat ride featuring the famous “It’s a Small World” song usually involves a decent amount of time waiting in line, which may not be so bad on hot days. Once you’re on the boat and on the water, things will cool down even more!


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