12 Magic Kingdom Experiences We Hope You NEVER Have

Epcot Yellow Trees

12. Drunk Guests

Particularly problematic at Epcot, and especially during the Food and Wine Festival, drunk guests make things unpleasant for everyone.  And with alcohol on the menu at Be Our Guest restaurant, the possibility exists for guests to overindulge at Magic Kingdom as well.  Naturally, this can lead to guests engaging in many of the other obnoxious behaviors on this list too.  Disney does their part by reserving alcohol sales for sit-down guests at dinner service only, but there will always be people who insist on drinking too much.

With a little luck, your vacations to Magic Kingdom are always free of these unpleasant experiences.  Unfortunately though, chances are good that you’ve had to experience at least a couple of the items from this list on any Magic Kingdom trip you’ve taken.

By Don


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