11 Wonders from Around the World at Epcot's World Showcase


9. France: Eiffel Tower

Come on, you had to know the Eiffel Tower replica in the France Pavilion would get the mention here. What's neat about it in this instance is that they used forced perspective to make it appear as though you were seeing the ⅒-scale reproduction in the distance.

10. United Kingdom: The Hedge Maze

If you're not eating fish and chips or doing some shopping, the United Kingdom Pavilion isn't one you'll tend to stop and look at. However, it does have a pretty neat hedge maze you can walk around in. Kids love it.

11. Canada: Victoria Gardens

You'd think the Hotel du Canada building might get our top mention for the Canada Pavilion, but
au contraire, my friend—the nod actually goes to the idyllic Victoria Gardens found adjacent to it. They're inspired by the breathtakingly colorful Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada, and are among the largest manicured gardens in all of Disney World.

By Chris G


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