11 Wonders from Around the World at Epcot's World Showcase

Japan Pavilion EPCOT

6. America: The American Adventure

As you reach the halfway point around the World Showcase, you'll find yourself in The American Adventure, home to a large Colonial-style building that houses a popular audio-animatronic American historical show named after the pavilion itself.

7. Japan: The Pagoda

As you enter the Japan Pavilion, you can't miss the five-story blue-roofed pagoda modeled after the one in the Japanese Hōryū-ji Temple, which itself is one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world. Here you'll often be treated to live music performances by groups such as the Matsuriza taiko drum troupe.

8. Morocco: The Koutoubia Minaret Tower

The Morocco Pavilion is the only one in the World Showcase where the country's real-life government had a personal say in its design and construction. As such, the architecture here is as authentic as it gets. The towering Koutoubia Minaret near the front of the pavilion—modeled after the landmark structure of the same name at Koutoubia Mosque, which happens to be the largest mosque in Marrakesh—can't help but draw the eye.


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