11 Tips for Epic Character Meet and Greets At Disney World Resort

Hook and Smee at the castle

6. Ask Questions

When meeting a “face” character (a character without a mask), don't be afraid to ask questions. If you did your homework and rewatched the classics before you left, you should know all about the individual you're visiting with. Use that to your advantage and make conversation. You might be surprised how long a princess or adventurer is willing to chat with those who make interesting conversation.
Even masked characters can communicate to an extent, so go ahead and go in with some simple questions for them too. They'll be happy to use body language to get their point across.

5. Insult the Villains

If you're looking for a funny meet-and-greet, you might try throwing out lighthearted insults. This doesn't work very well with princesses and heroes, but villains will almost always have a funny reaction.
Additionally, characters who come in pairs—such as Chip and Dale or the ugly stepsisters—are fun in that if you compliment one, the other will often have an over-the-top jealous reaction.


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