11 Tips For Eating Great At Disney Without Breaking The Bank

4. Skip the Sides

Many eateries in Disney will allow you to order an entree without the included side(s). Always ask if this possible, and if it is, order without. You can supplement with sides brought from home, or you can skip the sides entirely, as the entrees are often plenty of food for one person.

5. Watch Your Drinks

Our advice is to skip the sodas in Disney. They’re overpriced, and it’s way too easy to get dehydrated. Instead, order free cups of water at any counter-service location. If you really want a sweet drink, consider bringing your own can(s) of soda, or you can order one drink from an eatery that has self-serve soda fountains, share it with the family, and grab a free refill.

6. Share Meals

As mentioned before, the meals at Disney often include too much food for one person. Therefore, in certain locations, sharing is completely doable and definitely recommended.
Order two plates to split between three people, or head to Fort Wilderness and order a family fried chicken meal to share with everyone. Alternatively, you can always order a pizza from the hotel food court. These can easily feed 5 or 6 people, making them a great way to feed the masses on a budget.

7. Pick Up Gift Cards

Occasionally, discounted Disney gift cards can be obtained at stores such as Sam’s Club and Costco. You may also be able to earn free gift cards through sites like Swagbucks and Disney Movie Rewards. Over time, these can really add up and put a nice dent in your dining expenses.


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