10 Ways to Survive the Post Walt Disney World Vacation Blues


10. Pass Out The Souvenirs

I don’t know of anyone who has visited Walt Disney World and come away without a little or a lot of Disney souvenirs, like Mickey Mouse ear hats, t-shirts, headbands mugs, jewelry, toys, trading pins, and so much more.  If you’re like my family, we usually wait a day after we are back home  before we distribute all our souvenirs.  It’s almost like Christmas morning.  I will take each Disney bag, and pull out a shirt, hat, keychain, etc. and you will hear, “That’s mine” repeatedly until all the souvenirs and collectibles have been handed out.  Then, each family member will display their favorites in their rooms, and I will disply mine in the living room.  Believe me when I say the passing out of souvenirs is so much fun and alleviates some of the gloominess that you sometimes feel after an unforgettable Disney vacation.


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