10 Ways to Survive the Post Walt Disney World Vacation Blues

Castle Day

1.  Move to Florida

The #1 way to get over the post Disney vacation blues is to move to Florida, purchase an annual pass, then visit Walt Disney World any time you feel the urge.  I know everyone who is a Disney Fanatic cannot move to Florida, but, for myself, I have often thought about how wonderful it would be to have access to “the most magical place on earth” every day.  Wow!  The reality, however, is because of employment, family connections, and finances, I have to settle for visits annually, or, if we’re having a good year, biannually.  Whether it’s every year or once in a couple of years, every visit to Disney World is a new adventure and a dream come true.

Leaving Walt Disney World can be a bit depressing, but there are ways to cope with the post Disney vacation blues, and my family and I have managed to overcome that sad feeling by using some of the methods I have listed.  You don’t have to obsess over getting back to Disney World, but just the thought of returning gives me a happy feeling.  When I’m in a bad mood, I will look at Disney videos, or play a Disney DVD, or play a Disney CD.  I compare these methods like a warm hug from someone you love, or the gentle nudge of a pet wanting a pat on the head; a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Walt Disney summed up what I feel about Disneyland and Walt Disney World (the only two Disney Resorts I have visited) in these words: “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever”. 

By Cecilia


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