10 Walt Disney World Vacation Travel Essentials

USB Charging Station

3. Cellphones (electronic devices) and chargers

This day and age cellphones serve many crucial purposes, but most importantly they still serves as your primary source for communication. It’s essential to have one in the event that your party splits up. And most cellphones these days have camera features as well—perfect for capturing vacation memories when the occasion calls for it. Smartphones let you access the Internet in case you want to check reservations or download the MyDisneyExperience App. to have with you at all times—great for checking wait times and keeping updated on all the latest park happenings. And of course, if you’re going to bring your phone you have to bring your charger and any essential connecting ports to stay fueled. In fact, many people like to bring portable chargers to the parks as well in order to keep phones fully charged throughout the day. Depending on the family, other potentially crucial electronic devices to consider are digital cameras, camcorders, tablets, etc.


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