10 Walt Disney World Vacation Travel Essentials

Castle Money

1. Money and gift cards

You can’t deny that having cash on hand is crucial when traveling. Even if you prepay for a number of experiences, including Disney Dining, you’ll find there are many extras to consider. What about that additional snack or that customized pair of Mickey Ears you’ve been dreaming of?  Money is mandatory for traveling to any destination, and Disney is no exception. So be sure to pack essential monetary needs, including any Disney gift cards and other value discounts and coupons you may have. You never know when they may come in handy.

In addition to these key travel essentials, every vacationer has their own personal list of must-bring items to consider. So remember to plan accordingly and bring with you any and all personal essentials you rely on daily or those you do not feel you cannot survive without. Your vacation at Disney World is worth it in ensuring you have the most magical time.

By Laura Hermoza


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