10 Walt Disney World Park Souvenirs We’re Totally Obsessed With

baseball hat

6.  Disney Ball Caps

Baseball caps are all the rage and have been for many years, and are worn by everyone, male, female, young, old, and all ages in between.  Well, at Walt Disney World, the Disney-themed ball caps are available at a majority of the shopping venues all around the Resort.  There are ball caps celebrating special events, yearly dated caps, theme park anniversary caps, character caps, caps in the shape of Donald Duck, Pluto, or Goofy heads, adorable Minnie Mouse cap with a darling little bow on top, Mickey Mouse hat with ears, stylish, glittery Princess caps, and the list goes on and on.  These caps make excellent collectibles, as well as gifts for friends and family.  They are definitely for wearing or collecting, and are very reasonably priced.

Photo Credit: Disney


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