10 Walt Disney World Park Souvenirs We’re Totally Obsessed With

1.  Mickey Mouse Ears

I am guessing here, but I would have to say the #1 souvenir at Walt Disney World would be the Mickey Ears.  There are a multitude of these iconic, collectible headbands and hats which come in a variety of colors, shapes, or themes and can be found everywhere at the Walt Disney World Resort.  There are Mickey Ears for every occasion (Bride & Groom, Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays, etc.).  One of my favorites is the Santa Claus hat with Mickey ears.  There are also themed Mickey ears, like Princess, Pirate, Star Wars, Disney characters, Disney movies, and even ears that light up.  Mickey Ears were created by Roy Williams and made their original debut on the 1955 television series, the Mickey Mouse Club.  In the 1980’s the Mickey headband arrived at the shops and were an instant hit.  Over the years, the Mickey Mouse ears have changed and evolved into a magical collection of so many different styles to choose from.  The Mickey Mouse ears caps can also be personalized.  Mickey Ears headbands and caps are fun to collect and very affordable, so bring some MM ears home to your family and friends.  They’ll be glad you did.

Who can visit Walt Disney World and not bring home some fantastic souvenirs?  There are so many to choose from.  You can spend a lot or a little.  No matter what the cost, your Disney souvenir is extra special because it is infused with the magic of Disney and reminds you of your awesome Disney vacation

By Cecilia


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