10 Tips For Rainy Days At Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle Bag

3. Dress Appropriately

If rain is in the forecast (which it is nearly every day in the summer months) be sure to be prepared. Bring an extra pair of socks (or two) to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters. Make sure your regular clothing is lightweight and dries quickly; athletic fabrics are perfect. If you are visiting on an unusual cool rainy day, use fleece or wool to keep warm, as they repel water. Avoid jeans, which will stay wet and uncomfortable for hours.

4. Cover Your Stroller

Whether you are using a stroller that you brought yourself or one you rented from an outside company, be sure to bring a rain cover! Kids in a covered stroller will stay dry and you can keep them out of those tempting puddles. Be sure to cover strollers when you leave them in stroller parking if the sky looks even a little gray, as a wet stroller will soak your kids and can take hours to dry. While in a pinch a poncho or plastic garbage bag will cover a stroller, a fitted cover will stay on even in the wind, and will be more comfortable for kids. Plastic rain covers are available for most stroller sizes and configurations at baby stores and department stores, as well as online.



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