10 Tips For Rainy Days At Walt Disney World


9.  Rent a Locker

While I don’t normally bother with this since we’re still using a stroller, a locker is a great idea for a rainy day. You can store a complete change of clothes and shoes in there, and they will stay safe and dry. Then if you get totally soaked, just visit the locker for a complete wardrobe change. Then your soggy clothes can stay there until you are ready to leave for the day.  Photo credit theaffordablemouse.com

10. “Just Keep Swimming”

Hopefully not literally! But don’t let a little rain ruin your day. A good attitude and a sense of humor about the situation will take you just as far as that poncho and dry socks. So just press on and keep your plans. Remember that only a small percentage of rides close for weather, and most that close will reopen sometime during the day. Please don’t berate cast members about weather closures; both the weather and the decision to close the ride are beyond their control. Closing a ride is to keep you safe, so don’t give the poor operator a hard time about it.

While we all hope for perfect weather during a Disney vacation, sometimes we have to make the best of a little rain. With these tips you should still have a wonderful time in spite of the rain. And remember, a rainy day at Disney World is still better than a nice day pretty much anywhere else!

By Laurel


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