10 Things You Should Ask Your Disney Resort Hotel Cast Member

Disney Cast Member

4.  Tip or Not?

Another inquiry you might want to make of your Hotel Staff is the policy on tipping.  Are tips accepted by Food Court Staff, Housekeeping Staff, Horse-drawn Carriage drivers, etc.  Sometimes, a Hotel Cast Member may go the extra mile and offer their services in an area that is not required of them.  For instance, in our case, my daughter left her recently purchased “Yeti” plush animal on the bed, and when we returned to our room that evening, it was gone.  Our assumption was that it was whisked away as part of the laundry, because it was small and white with blue trim, so the Housekeeper probably did not notice it.  We called the Hotel Front Desk and reported what had happened.  They were very nice and understanding and said they would check with the laundry services staff and call if the Yeti was found.  We went back to the Magic Kingdom that night, and when we returned to our room, laying on our table was a Disney sack and inside was a brand new “Yeti” and a note apologizing for our “loss”.  Now, how’s that for Customer Satisfaction?  My daughter was so excited and happy, and I definitely left positive feedback about the Hotel Staff on our Disney Experience survey.



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