10 Things You Should Ask Your Disney Resort Hotel Cast Member

Disney Resort Bellhop

1.  Directions

As silly as it sounds it is very important that you know exactly where your Resort room is located.  Your Resort Registration Cast Member will gladly offer you directions and a map highlighting your Room location.  With the excitement of actually being at Walt Disney World and children anxious to get started on their magic journey, sometimes the location instructions get lost in the check-in process.  Don’t leave that area until you make sure you know the route to your room.  Disney Hotel Resorts can sometimes be spread out over several acres, and you don’t want to waste a minute of your time trying to read a map or remember what directions you were given.  The Hotel Staff are there to help you in any way and will be more than happy to give you detailed directions on the quickest way to get to your Room.  The Hotel Concierge will also give you directions to other sightseeing areas around Orlando.


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