Lesser Known Facts About Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

3. Those Refillable Mugs

Have you seen the awesome character clad insulated mugs being carried around the property by guests?  Those are refillable resort mugs that resort guests can purchase at their resort eatery and refill for free with coffee, juice, hot chocolate and soft drinks during their vacation.  If you are a religious coffee drinker, or have a family of kids that love soft drinks, refillable mugs may be a good thing to consider purchasing to ensure you always have a favorite beverage on hand and do not lose track of drink costs.

2. Convenient for Dining Plans

If you are purchasing a Disney dining plan, staying at a Walt Disney World resort is a good idea to make sure you have many opportunities to use all your dining credits. With a Disney eatery right in the hotel, you will be able to easily snag food and know that snack and meal credits do not go to waste. Resort dining rooms often have a variety of eat on the go snacks like packaged veggies, fruit, cookies and other packable snacks that you can use your snack credits on if you are looking to purchase something to eat later in the day.


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