Lesser Known Things About Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Campfire Chip and Dale Wilderness Campground

7. Activity Counselors and Resort Itinerary

Disney resorts are part of your vacation experience, not just a hotel that you are staying in.  The activity counselors playing with kids, optional activities like t-shirt making at the pool (extra cost associated), game room and resort activities make your vacation so much more fun.  Outdoor movies, Disney trivia, dance parties and more fill the resort itinerary and keep guests having almost as much fun at their resort as they do in the theme parks.

6. Fun Pools

When you think of a pool, you probably do not think of a Walt Disney World pool. Disney pools are designed to please guests with larger than life water features, characters themes, waterslides, and splash pads. Depending on the resort you choose, the pool area will vary quite a bit. Still, from the value to the deluxe resorts, we know that the pools at Disney resorts will impress you.


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