10 Things You Need to Do Before You Go to Walt Disney World

Pin Trading

3. Purchase trading pins on eBay

One of the most fun, non-theme park, non-thrill things to do at the Walt Disney World Resort is official Disney pin trading. Guests can collect official Disney pins, trade with other Guests and trade with Cast Members in the parks. Pins can be pricey in the parks, so many Disney parkgoers opt to purchase a lot of 25, 50, 100 or more official Disney trading pins on eBay. That’s because many eBay merchants sell the pins for around $0.40 each. When you purchase a lot of trading pins on eBay, you might just get lucky and score some of the pins you’ve wanted or some you’ve needed to start or to complete a part of your collection. Pins in the parks can cost between $7 and $15 each, so if you can get some trader pins for forty cents each, you can trade for pins that you might have seen in the shops, and the trade itself is free! You might just score a $12 pin for only $0.40. What a deal!


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