10 Things You Need to Do Before You Go to Walt Disney World

Disney Gift Card

2. Buy Disney gift cards

Disney gift cards can be used anywhere at Disney World, Disneyland and at the Disney Store. They are perfect for your trip to Disney because if you buy them at www.disneygiftcards.com, at the Disney Store, or in the parks and keep your receipt, Disney will replace the cards if they are lost or stolen, and any balances you have on the card(s) that was lost or stolen will be transferred to your replacement card. Over fifty million people visit Walt Disney World every year, so it’s not a great idea to carry large amounts of cash with you. Disney gift cards make it possible for you to pay for whatever you purchase inside the parks, including meals at restaurants inside the parks, while eliminating the need to carry a lot of cash. They can also help you if you’re trying to stick to a budget.


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