10 Things You Don’t Want to Miss in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom!

1. Meet…. The Muppets!

Wait, what? Since when were the Muppets relevant to the birth of our nation? Ok, so they aren’t… However, the Muppets are currently starring in a new show entitled “The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History”! This show occurs high in the windows on and next to “The Hall of Presidents” building. It occurs throughout the day and flip flops between the stories of Paul Revere’s ride and the signing of The Declaration of Independence. Both are extremely entertaining, both include family-friendly humor, and both will make you fall in love with Jim Henson’s characters all over again. This is not a spectacle to miss.

With everything Liberty Square has to offer, you could spend hours, even a full day just exploring this portion. So, as I said before, resist the urge to only run to the thrill attractions and drink in the beauty and fun that awaits you here!

By Rebekah


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