10 Things We Love About Pandora - The World of Avatar in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pandora Navi River Journey

3. Na’vi River Journey

This gentle river ride is truly amazing in its display of bioluminescent flora and exotic fauna.  Disney pulls out all their technological tricks to bring the Pandora jungle to life, including video on foreground and background screens, projection mapping, and practical sets.  All of this serves to make the viperwolves, fan lizards, and woodsprites completely believable as you drift along on your way to meet the Na’vi Shaman of Song.  For those who remember how the animatronic Captain Jack Sparrow characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride revealed vast improvement in the design of Disney’s animatronics, you will be further amazed by the additional advances displayed by the Shaman of Song character.  The Shaman’s movement is incredibly natural and lifelike, and makes for an impressive finish to the ride.


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