10 Things We Love About Pandora - The World of Avatar in Disney's Animal Kingdom

5. The Food

Guests are truly excited about the food options in Pandora, and it’s easy to understand why.  Satu’li Canteen – a quick service restaurant – serves food that Disney claims is “inspired by Pandora’s bounty”, and one look at the menu proves their point.  The ingredients used are fresh and wholesome, and the resulting entrées are both healthful and flavorful.  A frequent comment about the restaurant is that it serves “real food”.  Lunch and dinner entrées include beef, chicken, crispy tofu, or sustainable fish bowls, as well as vegetable curry or cheeseburger steamed “pods” (bao buns).  Even the kids’ menu serves up “real food”, as you’ll also find bowls here instead of chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, or pizza - though there is an all-beef hot dog offered.  A large selection of Pandora-themed alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served at Satu’li Canteen or at the Pongu Pongu lounge, where you can get the popular Night Blossom drink – with or without glowing Unadelta seed!  The Pongu Lumpia, or pineapple cream cheese spring roll, is the only food item served at Pongu Pongu but it is an amazing, sweet, and gooey treat. 


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