10 Things We Love About Pandora - The World of Avatar in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Avatar Disney Pandora

7. The Little Touches

With the development of the large-scale items firmly in hand, Disney Imagineers were able to start adding the smaller and finer details that are so important to bringing color into their creations.  These include the sounds of Pandora’s animals echoing through the area.  Listen for the roar of a Thanator beyond the tree line as you wait in line for the Na’vi River Journey.  Exotic birdsong can be heard as well.  Additionally, Disney appears to have put their smellitzers to work in Pandora, and unusual fragrances waft around you as you walk through the area.  (This was confirmed by a Cast Member when I asked about a scent that I had always associated with the discontinued jalapeño cheese-stuffed pretzels that now make limited appearances in the parks.  Apparently, one of the flowers in Pandora smells just like jalapeño cheese-stuffed pretzels!)

Photo Credit: Disney


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