10 Things to Expect When Visiting Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

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1. Emotions Can Run High

Whether this in within your own party or with other guests, many MK visitors can get… dramatic. From little ones to veteran guests, most people have extremely high expectations for their MK experience. Don’t be surprised if you see fellow guests weeping with joy or even, having a mini-emotional meltdown. Embrace the magic of your day, but don’t let pristine expectations suck out the pleasure or emotionally-drain you. The park may be crowded, someone may bump into your with a stroller, and an attraction may need to be repaired during your FastPass, but these bumps will only tarnish your park day if you allow it.

In conclusion, although MK may require a little more preparation and patience than the other parks, it can still be the most wonderful and gratifying vacation spot to visit. Just keep these tips in mind while somewhat adopting a “go with the flow” attitude, and you will have the most magical day in WDW’s most magical park.

By Rebekah


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