10 Things That Can Suck the Life Out of Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Closed Space Mountain

2.  Ride Breakdowns or Refurbishments

At Walt Disney World, there are certain dates that are set aside for ride refurbishments, and you can check a Disney web site to find out before you plan your trip if there are any of your favorites on the list.  What cannot be planned are ride malfunctions, which can occur at any time.  There have been occasions when the ride cannot be restarted, and you and your group will be escorted off the ride (usually each guest is given a Fast Pass for any ride of their choosing).  That ride may not be accessible for a few hours, the rest of the day, or longer.  When its a ride that you’ve been waiting all year to ride, and it is shut down, it’s a “hard pill to swallow”, and a major disappointment. 


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