10 Street Performers Around Disney World Parks You Can’t Miss

There’s always something going on in Disney World—a ride to be ridden, a character to be greeted, a stage show to be seen. One of the most charming and often overlooked segments of Disney attractions are the street performers that add both entertainment and an air of authenticity to the parks. The Disney-fied term for these shows is called “Streetmosphere”, and while they are all definitely worth your while, here are ten that we think you just can’t miss…

10. JAMMitors

When you see the guys in white rolling out their shiny trash cans, you know it’s time for the JAMMitors to get to work. Several times each day you’ll find these improbable musicians breaking down some incredible percussion beats using clean-up related instruments. Look for them near the entrance of Future World East (the side with Test Track and Mission:Space).

9. Muppets Present…Great Moments in American History

While the historical accuracy may be questionable, the entertainment value is undeniable when the Muppets tell patriotic stories of our country’s past. View the show in all its hilarious glory right outside the Hall of Presidents in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square at scheduled times each day.

8. Serveur Amusant

How long can you hold your breath? Hopefully long enough for the daring Serveur Amusant team to create and climb a tower of chairs that defies gravity. Full of brilliant balancing acts with plenty of flair, you can watch the show on the streets of France in Epcot’s World Showcase.

7. Discovery Island Carnivale

One of the newest additions to Disney streetmosphere, the Discovery Island Carnivale has already made a name for itself as one of the best shows in Animal Kingdom. Nighttime is the right time for this production of dancers, stilt walkers, and musicians dressed in wild, nature-inspired costumes. The times are technically scheduled, but they’re so close together that the action feels almost continuous once the sun goes down.

6. Royal Majesty Makers

The four-person ensemble of Royal Majesty Makers is one of Fantasyland’s best kept secrets. Pause in your busy Magic Kingdom day to learn the essential etiquette of princes and princesses from “official” members of Cinderella’s court. Watch for their royal entrance at scheduled times in the morning and early afternoon near the carousel.

5. Mariachi Cobre

Grab a margarita and let the music of Mariachi Cobre audibly transport you to the rich heritage and traditions of Mexico. Find this classic mariachi troupe near the Mexican pyramid of Epcot’s World Showcase. After the show, stay for a greeting with Donald Duck in his Three Caballeros garb.

4. Citizens of Hollywood

These Hollywood Studios performers are completely over the top! Though the time and place of the show is random, you won’t be able to miss the big personalities and golden-era getup that these actors bring to the streets. Have your video cameras ready—they just might make one of your family members into a star!

3. Viva Gaia Street Band

Afternoons at Animal Kingdom take on a colorful and Caribbean tone when the Viva Gaia Street Band comes out to entertain! Filled with toe-tapping rhythm and plenty of opportunities for crowd interaction, the shows of Viva Gaia are a favorite for all ages. A handful of scheduled performances usually occur between lunch and dinner near the transition from Discovery Island to Dinoland.

2. March of the First Order

Technically, this show isn’t entirely a street performance. Some of it also takes place on the stage in front of the Chinese Theater. Watch as Captain Phasma creates a force to be reckoned with and marches her troops through the streets of Hollywood Studios. No one dares stand in their way!

1. Sergio

Grab some gelato in the Italy pavilion of World Showcase and settle in for the lively juggling and miming antics of Sergio. Sergio keeps the twenty minute show moving at a quick pace, making the show entertaining for guests of all ages.

What’s your favorite Streetmosphere show?


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