10 Souvenirs Every Disney Lover Should Buy

key chain

6. Car Accessories

For those who want to show their Disney side on the road, you may want to consider bringing a present home for your car! You can find decals, bumper stickers, and keychains that will give your ride that extra sprinkle of pixie dust. Just think, you may even bring a smile to another Disney lover’s face as they pass your car in a parking lot. Really. This is an altruistic purchase.

Photo Credit: Disney

5. Collectible Pins

The most dedicated Disney pin collectors understand that pin collecting isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. As such, many Disney visitors can’t resist picking up pins that feature their favorite resorts, characters, and attractions. Increasingly creative, these can be found in almost any gift shop. The real treasure trove though, is the store in Disney Springs that is entirely devoted to pins. Be warned though, the cost of these can add up quickly, so do your best to keep your collecting appetite at bay.


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